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This is is shown in Big Time Crush, when Jo asked "What kind of girl are you looking for?

", Carlos replied by saying 'Yes', and Kendall said "He's not picky.

In the episode "Big Time Sparks" Gustavo accuses the boys of being bad luck, when they see this, Logan and Carlos become the "Good Luck Patrol" to protect Jordin Sparks in the episode "Big Time Sparks", but, because they are bad luck, they knock her down a well, and after numerous fails, leading all of the boys except for Carlos to also fall down the well, he jumps down the well, because he was lonely.

Carlos is also known for being the happiest of the bandmates.

He doesn't have any dating experience and often gets nervous around a girl that he likes (this can be shown in Big Time Love Song and Big Time Crush).

Moreover, he is always the last to figure out what is going on or what the guys plan.

Carlos usually suggests thinking "happy thoughts about kittens" when his bandmates get into arguments.

In the new season Gustavo sets him up with an actress to be his first girlfriend so he can experience heartbreak for a song, but remains happy and accepting during their time together.

Gustavo did come clean and the actress decide to make their relationship a reality, but she admits she hates corn dogs.

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