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Welcome to the best place dedicated to male masturbation, where you can watch guys jerking off, massive cumshots videos and photos.Masturbation is the physical stimulation of the sexual organs to produce feelings of pleasure.Lorna: It really depends on who the dick pics are from. Before I was with my boyfriend and people sent them to me, I was more likely to laugh and delete them than masturbate.Beth: I don’t know if many girls do watch porn, I don’t know many.Beth, 23, Eve, 20, Chloe 18, Lia, 25, Lucie 25, and Lorna, 20, have opened up to us about their most intimate, personal experiences. Beth: I probably masturbate around three times a week. Lucie: I do it pretty much every day if I get the chance.Eve: I can’t speak on behalf of all women, but I can speak on behalf of all the women that I know, and the answer is yes. Chloe: Yes, there is a stigma around women masturbating, but the truth is, girls enjoy pleasuring themselves as much as any guy. Some girls do it frequently and others not so much.Lucie: I’m very confident and believe in women having the same social status as men. I’m also more than happy to watch porn with my boyfriends. It’s because we still live in a very sexist world where having a wank is seen as something men do.I’m very comfortable with my sexuality and so have never denied it, or denied watching porn. There’s the notion that all porn is aimed at men and it sets ridiculous standards for women.

Why on Earth guys think we want to see them is beyond me. Although we of course can’t help but check out the size, dick pics are a complete turn off.You might just learn something new as you enjoy the incredible view! Here you will find the most exhibitionist models: gay guys and straight guys.Chloe: Again, it depends on the lady, but i know girls who masturbate daily, weekly, or never.Beth: I’ll wank to a dick pic but that’s last resort.

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