Halal dating

Rasheed’s parents had an arranged marriage in Pakistan before immigrating to the United States, while Zainah’s parents dated long-term before getting married.As a result, while Zainah’s family supports their relationship, Rasheed’s family finds the relationship to be offensive to their traditional values surrounding love and marriage.

Algorithms have linked them to people they would have never initially viewed as romantically compatible, and these platforms allow them to pursue one another with a sense of privacy that feels like traditional dating. Much like Rasheed and Zainah, Muslim couples who meet on apps are able to develop relationships that inspire them to challenge the religious, cultural and familial pressures that would normally keep them apart.But there was a level of curiosity [about] an app where Muslims could meet and date.” The intrigue of Muslim dating apps is obvious.Apps like Minder offer a digital safe space where Muslims can freely seek out romantic interactions without the restraints that exist when meeting in public spaces.Relations are to be pursued with the intention of marriage at its very onset, with expressions of physical love to be saved for after marriage.This results in religious couples marrying at young ages with a great deal of community involvement.

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