Intellij updating modified files

If you want to check whether your Realm instance has auto-refresh activated or not, use the on a class without a primary key, an exception will be thrown.When you use primary keys, reads (queries) will be slightly faster, but writes (creating and updating objects) will be a little slower.See here for more details on how to run the examples.The intro Example contains simple examples of how you use the Realm API.If you obtain a Realm instance from a thread associated with a Looper, the Realm instance comes with an auto-refresh feature.(Android’s UI thread is a Looper.) This means the Realm instance will be periodically updated to the latest version.The rx Java Examples shows how Realm works together with Rx Java.

It also shows how you could populate the database with JSON using GSON plus how to use ABI splits to minimize the size of the final APK.For a more detailed discussion about Realms, read The Realm Data Model.Open a Realm by instantiating a new It’s sometimes useful to ship a prepared Realm file with your app—you may want to bundle some shared data with your application.The changes in performance will depend on the size of your Realm’s data set.Note that returns a new object with all fields set to their default values.

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