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TRILOGY - unknown actress BURN NOTICE - Gabrielle Anwar AS THE WORLD TURNS - soap actress unknown CASTLE - Dana Delaney C. They are produced on a "-R" format which can be played in most commercial DVD players and on most computers. MIAMI - Cara Santana JUSTIFIED - Joelle Carter AT RISK - Andie Mac Dowell PSYCH - Maggie Lawson, Rachel Leigh Cook FREE WHEELERS - Wendy Padbury - British early 60's, 70's series WILD ORANGES - 1924 Silent movie -(Excellent rare scene) ALL MY CHILDREN - Soap Actress Rebcca Budig Like all CHIVALRY VIDEOS, these DVDs are produced for use of collector to collector - they are not commercial DVDs.Now, she is the one who others turn to for advice on how best to deal with the fear and pain.FLASHPOINT - promos CSI MIAMI -unknown actress ASHES TO ASHES - (British) Keeley Hawes USA MOVIE - unknown actress NUMBERS -unknown actress LEGEND OF THE SEEKER - Bridget Regan SONY WITH A CHANCE -Miranda Cosgrove KNIGHT RIDER -Mini Anden, Meghan Ory PRISON BREAK - Sarah Wayne Callies SUPERNATURAL - unknown actress CRIMINAL MINDS - Andrea Roth, Wendy Braun X-MEN CARTOON 1000 WAYS TO DIE - unknown actress ROBOT CHICKEN C. Please check that your player will handle "-R" DVDs.CHIVALRY #16 - INTERNATIONAL RARITIES From the 60's & beyond - here are two more full hours of English, Spanish & foreign beauties in peril, each one bound & gagged and in scenes long lost - including: The Saint: The Contact – Elizabeth Weaver •• The Saint: The Time to Die – Suzanne Lloyd •• Man in a Suitcase: Which Way Did He Go Mc Gill? To Order by Credit Card for FAST DELIVERY by clicking on ORDER ME - or to order by fax GO HERE or by to order by mail GO HERE Tenspeed and Brownshoe – Elayne Helveil • Mc Clain’s Law – Linda Thorsen • Barnaby Jones – Kristine De Bell • The Magician – Amanda Mc Broom • Doctor Death, Seeker of Soulds – Cheryl Miller • Miss Shumway Goes West • Hardcase – Stefanie Powers • Red River Valley – Frances Grant• Corky and White Shadow – Darlene Gillespie • Wild Wild West – Dawn Wells• Dark Shadows – Alexandra Moltke, Kathryn Leigh Scot • Tales of the Gold Monkey – Shelly Smith• Masquerade – Mary Beth Evans • Quiet Day in Belfast – Margot Kidder • Flapjack Floozy – Teri Garr• Kojak – Andrea Marcovicci, Melissa Murphy • M Squad – Connie Hines • Streets of San Francisco – Darlene Carr • Charlie’s Angles – Shelly Hack • The Hardy Boys – Stephanie Kramer • Starsky & Hutch – Linda Scruggs Bogert, Veronica Hamel• Matt Houston – Pamela Hensley, Gail Youngs, Christina Raines • Highwayman – Jane Badler • Downtown – Nana Visitor CHIVALRY #35 - TWO FULL HOURS in BLACK WHITE & FULL COLOR - is .95 (for VHS) or .95 (for DVD) which includes U. You get GUIDING LIGHT, ALL MY CHILDREN & the two L O N G sequences from ONE LIFE TO LIVE (which includes the infamous "Cheerleader" story! MIKE HAMMER, PRIVATE EYE (three scenes), THE BIG EASY (five scenes including Leslie Bibb), THE NET (Brooke Langstron) CHIVALRY VIDEO #49 - A collection of scenes from various cultures - starting with nearly an hour of clips from Hispanic TV & soap operas, then a section of German TV & film scenes, followed by rare footage from France (including DOULOUS THE FINGERMAN and TRAFFIC IN SOULS).– Veronica Hurst •• The Protectors: The Big Hit – Yasuko Nagazami •• The Protectors: Vocal – Yaskiko Nagazami •• The Invisible Man: The Vanishing Evidence •• Adam Adamant Lives: Black Echo – Juliet Harmer •• Danger Man 11: Sting in the Tail – Juliet Harmer •• The Swordsman of Siena (1961 – Italian) •• The Devil Rides Out (1968 – British) – Nike Arrighi •• Your Bones Will Join Theirs: Killer Likes Candy – English Comedy Skit •• Scenes from Various British Movies, Comedies and TV •• Scenes from Various South American Movies and Cop Series – Detective de Senoras •• The Man in a Raincoat (1957 – French) •• Bhowani Junction (1956 – British) – Ava Gardner - is .95 (for VHS) or .95 (for DVD) which includes U. ) plus MORE CHIVALRY #79 - CAPTURED OVERSEAS By popular demand - ANOTHER collection of French, British & Italian TV Series Including: SPY FORCE, BLUEY, HOMICIDE, TOUCHING EVIL, Mc CALLUM, NESTOR BURMA, Several Episodes of LOVE ISLAND & MANY MANY MORE!! TWO FULL hours of rare Hispanic TV & Movie scenes not available on ANY OTHER collection. Then it's off to Britain for Katherine Hepburn in IRON PETTICOAT along with several other British features - rounding out over 120 of very rare bondage! ) •• DUE SOUTH •• RIN TIN TIN K-9 COP (FOUR Scenes In All! ) •• SUPERFORCE •• COUNTERSTRIKE (NINE Scenes In All!

Bergman) •• AMORES •• GENERAL HOSPITAL (Kelly Monaco, Rebecca Herbst and Claire Coffee ) •• AL FILO DE LA LEY (Michele Lepe ) •• ONE LIFE TO LIVE •• VELO DE NOVIA •• DAYS OF OUR LIVES (Allison Sweeney) •• DAYS OF OUR LIVES (Deidre Hall) •• JUANA LA VIRGEN •• LA MUJUER EN EL ESPEJO and more! To Order by Credit Card for FAST DELIVERY by clicking on ORDER ME - or to order by fax GO HERE or by to order by mail GO HERE - is .95 (for VHS) or .95 (for DVD) which includes U. CHINESE CAPER, CIRCLE OF FEAR, COVERT ACTION, JENNIFER & YOU'LL NEVER SEE ME AGAIN CHIVALRY #106 - FIVE DECADES OF CAPTURES! This collection spans the decades from the 1950s to the millenium - including: FLASH GORDON (Irene Champlin), DICK TRACY (Lois Hall), HIGHWAY PATROL (3 scenes), BOURBON STREET BEAT (Abbey Shelton & Roxane Berard), OZZIE AND HARRIET , SEARCH (Leslie Charleson), MISSION IMPOSSIBLE (Susan Odin), MATT HELM (Laraine Stephens), THREAT MATRIX (Trina Lifford), THE INSIDE (Marjorie Gum, Jackie Geary and Rachel Nichols) NUMBERS (Erin Chenoweth) TOYOTA COMMERCIAL - Philadelphia area, FLY ME (Lyllah Torena), FINDERS KEEPERS, LOSERS WEEPERS (Anne Chapman), THE TORMENTORS (Inga Wege), REVENGE OF THE BARBARIANS, MAN OF THE CENTURY , IN THE LINE OF DUTY KIDNAPPED, BLACK CAT RUN (Amelia Heinke) CHIVALRY #104 - BEST OF THE SOAPS 2005 BY POPULAR DEMAND - Here are the best scenes - FULLY REPRODUCED - from 2005 Daytime TV! This Collection Includes: ANOTHER WORLD (Judi Evans), GENERAL HOSPITAL (full scene with Lynn Herring & Kristian Malandro), DAYS OF OUR LIVES (Lisa Rimma), YOUNG & RESTLESS (2 scenes), GUIDING LIGHT (Beth Eihlers),, ALL MY CHILDREN, LOVING (Noelle Beck), ONE LIFE TO LIVE, SANTA BARBARA (2 scenes including one with Harley Jane Kozak MAX KNIGHT ULTRA SPY (Rachel Blakely), DEAD FIVE, MIND OVER MURDER, PREMONITION (Gi Gi Rice), TO SERVE & PROTECT, TNT, BLOODHOUNDS II (Amy Yasbeck), PERFECT DAUGHTER (Bess Armstrong), STAY TUNED FOR MURDER, BLINDFOLD (Shannon Doherty), LOVE ON THE RUN, MIDNIGHT RUN, CAROLINE AT MIDNIGHT (Mia Sara), IN THE SHADOW OF FEAR, A VOW TO KILL (Julianne Phillips).Scroll down to the bottom of the comments until you see the words newer and newest next to the number of comments on the right, those words are links that will lead you to a new page of comments.:) This A list mostly movie actress who is also doing all kinds of television now and is an Academy Award winner/nominee and has multiple side gigs delayed by over a year her black eye just because she was so scared of what the pain was going to be like.International Scenes of Damsels in Distress with assorted various unknown actresses from around the globe. MIAMI (Lisa Sheridan and Emily Proctor), BRITISH SCENES: MI-5 (Actress unknown), WIRE IN THE BLOOD (Emma Handy), DARK KNIGHT (Three scenes with Charlotte Comer), PLUS Many GERMAN, ITALIAN, HISPANIC and EUROPEAN SCENES from Soaps, TV Series & Movies! Wong - Bulldog Drummond Comes Back - Sherlock Holmes in Washington - Undercover Maisie - The Tammy Grimes Show (Tammy Grimes) - Mike Hammer - Dick Powell Theatre - Bob Hope Chrysler Theatre (Joey Heatherton)- My Hero (Julie Bishop) Bracken's World "Fallen, Fallen is Babylon" - Karen Jensen - The Magician "The Man Who Lost Himself" (Yvonne Craig) & *MORE* CHIVALRY #108 - ASIAN BEAUTIES BOUND THIS IS AN *ALL NEW* COLLECTION OF SCENES FROM ASIAN TV & MOVIES - MOST OF WHICH HAVE NEVER BEEN SEEN HERE!! CHIVALRY #61 - TV FROM DECADES PAST Great copies of many RARE Shows- Including: HONG KONG •• SHERIFF OF COCHISE •• TOMBSTONE TERRITORY •• LARAMIE •• LANCER •• JULIA GREEN HORNET (Susan Flannery) •• T. Spanish, Asian, Italian, English & French - the language may vary but the damsels are all bound & gagged! T., CHARLIE'S ANGELS (Kate Jackson), BARETTA, BAD C. Fox), SEARCH FOR TOMORROW (Marcia Mc Cabe), GUIDING LIGHT (Sherry Stringfield), BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL (Tracy Bergman) plus *Much Much More* TAPE #41 - TREASURE CHEST OF RARE FOREIGN VIDEO - 37 RARE SCENES FROM Korean, Spanish, German Italian TV Dramas & Soap Operas - Including: BULLDOG (Spanish Adult Drama), EL FISGON del HOTEL (Soap), TRES DESTINOS (Soap), PIZZA COINNECTION (German Crime Drama), BLACK BEAUTY (Uschi Glas), GANGSTER'S DOLL (with SOPHIA LOREN! (Bridgette Bardot), BLACK BEAUTY, DR MORELLE & THE CASE OF THE MISSING HEIRESS, SEXTON BLAKE & THE HOODED TERROR, WHO DONE IT? ASYLUM OF SATAN, THIN AIR (Yancy Butler), JANE DOE (Teri Hatcher), PARDON MY TERROR or to order by fax GO HERE or by to order by mail GO HERE TAPE #100 - CAPTIVES - INTERNATIONAL STYLE LA BANDRA CELANTRAX, NADA GANG, DANCING DRAGONS, ANATOMIE 2, CHAOS, EKIS, GOOD GUYS/BAD GUYS, YOU BELONG TO ME (w/ Lesley Anne Downe) & MANY MORE rare scenes TAPE #8 -RARE CLASSIC SOAP OPERA SCENES 0 Including: DAYS OF OUR LIVES (Leann Hunley, Kristen Affonso, Diedre Hall - 5 scenes in all), ANOTHER WORLD (Nancy Frangione, Ellen Wheeler), ALL MY CHILDREN (Carmen Thomas), CAPITOL (Constance Towers), GENERAL HOSPITAL (Emma Samms, Kristian Malandro), EDGE OF NIGHT (Margo Mc Kenna), GUIDING LIGHT (Judi Evans, Beverlee Mac Kinsey, Dinise Pence), SANTA BARBARA (Marcy Walker), SEARCH FOR TOMORROW (Jane Krawowski), CHIVALRY VIDEO #89 - MORE FOREIGN CAPTURES - Including: DOCTOR WHO (4 scenes) •• DIAMOND FOR BREAKFAST •• WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO KILL A NICE GIRL LIKE YOU? CHIVALRY VIDEO #96 - Including: LARGO WINCH (Many Episodes) •• TOM STONE - Janet Kidder •• •• COLD SQUAD - Alisen Down •• AGENTS DOUBLES - Kate Kendall (Australian) •• T AND T - Joanna Vannicola •• WATER RATS - Unknown actress - (Australian) •• BALKO (Several Episodes) •• ALARM FEUR COBRA •• THE NEW TOMORROW PEOPLE Plus DOZENS of other rare scenes!Thirty Six Scenes of Hispanic Scenes from Mexico and South America and across the Atlantic to Europe are loaded on this DVD for your enjoyment: From Mexico and South America -"TOP MODELS - AMOR MODA" - Hispanic Soap •• "IGOR -EL NINO DE LA MOCHIL A ATROS" - Hispanic Comedy Show with Three Actresses •• Two Hipanic Soaps with Actresses •• "ENSENAR A QUERER" - Mexican Soap •• "VELO DE NOVIA" - Hispanic Soap •• Two Mexican Soaps and Hipanic Film From Europe ---German Movie with Actress •• "STUBBE VON FALL ZU FALL" - German Police Series •• German police Drama •• Two Italian Films with Actresses •• Italian Police Series •• "MAI DIRE GOL" - Foreign Comedy in Italian with Two Actresses •• Italian Comedy Series with Five different Actresses •• "THE NANNY" - French Comedy Show in Italian with Four Actresses •• European Series and Italian Police Series with Actresses •• 'PORANEK" - Foreign Drama ANDPARADISE FALLS 2 Scenes (Canadian) •• RANDALL AND HOPKIRK DECEASED (British) 2 Scenes •• MURDER MOST ENGLISH (British) •• THE SHAKEDOWN (British) •• YOU PAY YOUR MONEY (British - Honor Blackman) •• HEAT OF MIDNIGHT (French) •• LA SQUADRA (Italian) 3 Scenes •• THE DARK ROOM (British) •• WATER RATS (Australian) 3 Scenes Including Gi Gi Edgerly - Plus MANY Unidentified Scenes From all over the world, many never before shown on the web- including: AMERICA'S MOST WANTED - "The Nor Cal Rapist" (Five unknown actresses), DEXTER (Jennifer Carpenter), C. Our most popular releases are the GLOBAL DAMSEL Collections - Rare Footage from TV & Movies NEVER SEEN IN THE U. and some only shown ONCE in the entire WORLD including: "Esta Noche" (Hispanic Movie), "Secuestro" (Hispanic Movie), "Maria Bonita" (Hispanic Soap) - "Reportero de Models" - Three Girls, "Nestor Burman" - French blonde secretary of detective, "Sam et Sally" (1st Season) - Corrine le Pollain "Le Maitre de l'Epouvante" - Unknown Italian Actress, "Les Nuls" - Chantal Lauby & MANY MORE!!! - "The Brain Killer Affair" Yvonne Craig, "The When in Rome Affair" Julie Sommers The Girl from U. While the titles & actresses here might be unknown, the scenes speak for themselves! CHIVALRY #39 - RARE 70s & 80s TV SHOWS OVER 75 RARE SCENES From The Classic TV Shows Of Decades Gone By - Including: S. ), BELLE de JOUR (Catherine Deneuve), A CLASS ACT (Joanna Lumley) TAPE #66 - MANY FOREIGN SCENES A Great Mixture of Various Asian scenes •• AL NORTE DEL CORAZON (Hispanic Soap) MARIA DE LOS ANGELES •• FRENCH POLICE SERIES •• Rare Italianm Movie MISSION PROTECTION RAPPROCHEF •• LE SOLITAIRE PASSE A L'ATTAQUE LE BOUCANIER DES ILES •• HALIFAX F. plus *Much Much More* TAPE #94 - ALL BRITISH RARITIES CRIME TRAVELLER •• CHANDLER & CO •• FREEWHEELERS •• MY PARTNER THE GHOST THE BARON •• DEPARTMENT S •• THE PERSUADERS •• TONIGHT AT •• RENTADICK •• SPECTRE •• CANARY •• ESCAPE •• WAKING THE DEAD •• SHERLOCK HOLMES TAPE #86 - SIX DECADES OF MOVIE BONDAGE THE PERILS OF PAULINE •• AMBROSE'S NASTY TEMPER •• THE BIG KIDNAP CAPER THE MAN FROM TEXAS •• GIRL OF THE RANCHO •• GET YOUR MAN •• NEVADA •• THE FAMOUS FERGUSON CASE •• MENACE •• THE SPANISH CAPE MYSTERY •• SHE •• BUCK BENNY RIDES AGAIN •• OLAH'S LAST LAUGH •• MAN AT LARGE •• ONE THRILLING NIGHT •• ZOMBIES ON BROADWAY THE PERILS OF PAULINE (1947) •• APACHE •• SAIL A CROOKED SHIP TAPE #103 - MORE INTERNATIONAL RARITIES INSPECTOR REX •• TURBO (4 Scenes) •• STINGERS •• Mc LEOD'S DAUGHTERS •• HOME AND AWAY •• MURPHY'S LAW plus DOZENS of Rare & Unidentified Ccenes from Italy, Australia, China & more TAPE #102 - RARE FOREIGN CAPTURES MURDER CALL, WATER RATS, STINGERS, THE BILL, ROBIN HOOD (British TV), BEYOND FEAR, JEFF GORDON, SECRET AGENT (French), CAFE EUROPA, THE TRYGON FACTOR, DANIELLA BY NIGHT (Elke Sommer), TREASURE OF SILVER LAKE, AIRPORT UNITE SPECIALE, GOLDEN COBRA, BURBERO (Italian) plus MANY MANY rare, unidentified TV & movie scenes TAPE #101 - TV & MOVIE CAPTURES THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL •• C. , SOMEONE AT THE DOOR, THE BLUE PARROT, EAST OF PICADILLY, BELLE DU JOUR, AI GORILLA, GIVE US THIS DAY, STRANGE REPORT, THE AVENGERS (Linda Thorson), THE PROFESSIONALS (2 episodes) TAPE #42 - MORE CLASSIC TV BONDAGE CORONADO 9 (Patricia Medina), M-SQUAD (2 episodes), I-SPY (Anna Capri, Charlene Jones & Mary Jane Saunders - 3 episodes), LITTLEST HOBO (Trudy Young, Mary Beth Rubenns & Diane Barrington - 3 episodes), LOVE AMERICAN STYLE (Jessica Walter), DARK SHADOWS (Alexandra Moltke, Kate Jackson, Katheryn Leigh Scott, Gaye Edmond - 6 episodes), GIRL FROM U. •• SWEET ECSTASY (Elke Sommer) •• TERRIBLE PEOPLE •• THE MAN W/OUT A FACE •• DER ALBATROS TEIL 2 •• ALL OUT •• WATER RATS (2 scenes) *plus* Over An Hour Of Rare Unidentified Scenes From France & Germany! 117 - MISSION FOR A KILLER -(French) - Perrette Pradier - (now complete and upgraded •• Two movie scenes - unkmowm actresses •• BELLE DE JOUR - (French) - Catherine Deneuve plus many more! DAYS OF OUR LIVES (Melissa Reeves) •• ALL MY CHILDREN (Elizabeth Hendrickson) •• ONE LIFE TO LIVE (Bree Williamson) GENERAL HOSPITAL (Cynthia Preston, Alicia Leigh Willis, Tamara Braun) •• PASSIONS (Kim Johnston Ulrich), DAY OF OUR LIVES (Kristian Alfonso) •• THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (Adrienne Franz) •• AS THE WORLD TURNS (Anne Sayre) CHIVALRY VIDEO #97 - MORE INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Including: MEDICOPTER (2 scenes) •• BALKO (2 Scenes) •• DANGEROUS CURVES (With extra footage from Europe) •• EDGAR WALLACE THEATRE (2 Scenes) •• THE PROTECTORS •• THE JOKER (German series - Four scenes with unknown actresses) •• VALENTINA (3 scenes), GERMAN CRIME REALITY SERIES (2 Scenes) *PLUS MUCH MORE CHIVALRY VIDEO #44 - A 70's potpourri of rare TV including: SIMON & SIMON, EYE TO EYE, CASSIE & CO (Angie Dickinson), KINGHT RIDER, KUNG FU (Barbara Hershey), ALIAS SMITH & JONES, POLICE STORY (Tine Louise), 6 MILLION DOLLAR MAN (Britt Eklund), DYNASTY (Linda Evans), POLICE WOMAN, VEGAS (both scenes), POLICE STORY, HAWK, KOJACK, STARSKY & HUTCH (Diane Kay), IRONSIDES (2 scenes), FALCON CREST, DETECTIVE SCHOOL, CODENAME: FOXFIRE, STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO and 5 scenes from THE F. CHIVALRY VIDEO #88 - A great selection of somewhat recent soap opera scenes, including: AS THE WORLD TURNS (Martha Byrnes) •• GUIDING LIGHT (Laura Bell Bundy) •• GENERAL HOSPITAL (Lisa Vultaggio) •• YOUNG & THE RESTLESS (Heather Tom) PLUS THE RARE FOREIGN SOAPS INFIERNO EN EL PARAISO and EL PRECIO DE TU AMOR CHIVALRY VIDEO #45 - Here's what CHIVALRY does best - collecting ULTRA-rare TV and movies from around the world! and they date back from recent times to the 1950's!

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