Italian men dating tips

Ask questions about Italy and show you have an open and curious mind.

Don't Show Off Showing off, dropping names and saying how successful you are doesn't usually make a good impression on Italian women, and is something that will likely turn most of them off.

Don't be too fancy either, although any outfit clearly depends on where you're headed on your date.While this article has been written in the spirit of good fun, it is also meant to underline some common differences between men and women, and the cultures of Italy and the United States.Dress to Impress The majority of Italians put a lot of care into what they wear and most Italian women will notice your outfit right off the bat.#splitpage #main_content_wrapper #splitpage #main_wrapper_bottom . While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to affairs of the heart--dating is dating anywhere in the world, a sometimes messy and complicated business that is full of possibilities--there are some general tips that will help men looking to date in Italy.

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