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Be teachable by people who achieved far greater results than you have.Look for deep domain expertise (does he/she actually have the knowledge?Look for references and signs of expertise before taking advice. Many people think they know what they’re talking about yet rarely do – me included.Go straight to the top of people that can give you advice and cut out the average. It allows us to learn from the greatest and copy their relative successes by adopting their thinking patterns.This step is based on the theory of evolution which states that the person who’s best-adapted to his environment is the one that’ll survive.

We don’t observe the inner workings of another and are therefore more inclined to ascribe their successes to outside forces.

your dad that smoked, your splurging habits of your friends, …) We admire status and prestige in others and are sometimes blinded by the way they’ve acquired it.

Find highly concentrated knowledge and not just random people who don’t know what they’re talking about. Look at your life as one big piece of marble and everyday you grind away one small piece of imperfection. Choose the general direction you want to go and adjust accordingly.

This course is gold It this review I’m going to share the most important lessons I’ve learned from the course and how I plan to implement those steps into my life (the ones I’ve found relevant at least)At the moment I’m at To deserve the life you want, you’ll have to do the actions that are necessary. We somehow think we’re entitled to “the good life” without putting in the effort required to actually get there. Application & Thoughts Take on an attitude of full responsibility for your own life.

When you look at your life today, would you objectively say you deserve a higher life quality than others – according to the work you’ve put in? Look around in your life, who would you bet on to make a million dollars? If you want a higher life quality there will be things you’ll have to do and things you’ll have to give up.

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