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But what I am proposing is this: What if we recognized that discomfort comes from within us (no, it's not their fault) and that it is telling us that we need to change?

What if we actually took responsibility for our uncomfortable feelings and approached them as a call to become conscious--to learn where we struggle the most and try to grow beyond these setbacks?

Many of us have pondered the concept of soul mates before. What I believe is that a soul mate is a person with whom you are unexplainably drawn to be in relationship.

To state the obvious, love feels good; fear does not.

Why is it that we are pulled to get into relationships with just a few people? What is within us is going to show up in front of us, especially in our relationships.

It's because, when it comes to attraction, our unconscious is leading the way. And the soul knows a thing or two; it's pretty damn smart. This means that the unresolved issues that are residing within you are going to come to the surface in our most intimate relationships.

In fact, you can assume that you are going to come up against some challenges with your soul mate. And this doesn't mean that we act carelessly with our partners to evoke more pain.

Where there is potential for the greatest love there is also the potential for the greatest pain. Nor does it mean that we stick around in relationships that are abusive or too awful to tolerate.

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