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Wherever you live and whatever you’re into, a group or con of likeminded people is often just a few clicks away. Something else that’s evident fairly immediately with kids is that they lack the little gatekeeper between brain and mouth, which occasionally informs us, “I SHOULD NOT SAY THIS THING.” My niece demonstrated this in an especially salient manner on a recent family trip, when she pointed to and verbally addressed “the baby in [my] belly.” Two things I should quickly mention: Having not received the reaction she expected, she quickly followed with, “That’s okay! ” TO BE CLEAR, I’m not suggesting that line as a go-to method for making friends.Check out or websites/social media covering local events for some ideas that strike your fancy. But it’s illustrative of something I do recommend, which is saying the things that other people don’t—or won’t—say.Much of the time, when trying to meet new people, we’re encouraged to “just get out and do stuff!” As we consider which things to go “get out and do,” let’s listen to the little kid inside of us and stick with what we’re into.” So often we let little connections lapse and fizzle out because each person assumes that the other would reach out if they wanted to… They’re weird, but I can dig it,” then give them a shot.If you’re instead thinking, “I still can’t muster up the courage to say anything to someone, let alone these out-of-the-box things, AND THUS I REJECT THEM,” then maybe your style will be to go to the same meetup a few weeks in a row just to scope things out a bit first…Being a little kid was kind of the best, wasn’t it?Between mandatory nap time, pajamas as acceptable formal wear, and an abundance of chicken tenders, kids have a lifestyle that can only be called “ideal.” But all that great stuff aside, there’s one aspect of childhood about which I’ve become even more nostalgic lately: making friends.

say, Camp Nerd Fitness: The reference to “doing the thing” both frames your upcoming request and slightly distances you from it.eventually working up to smiling and saying hi, and then saying to them the following week, “Hey, I see you at these meetings a lot and figured I should introduce myself.I’m Lindsay.” But you should probably change that last part. [Steve’s note: I had to use this very tactic last weekend to make some new dude friends here in Nashville! ] Now that we’re playing in the right sandbox and saying the things that others won’t, what else can little kids teach us about forging friendships?Whether we’re getting in shape or making new friends, it shouldn’t feel like work or torture. In fact, a group of nerdy strangers who met up for Camp Nerd Fitness last year might normally tell you that they at making friends.Turns out, they just needed to be in the right atmosphere: While “playing in the right sandbox” would be my advice to you at any point in history, there’s truly never been a better time to make it happen than today.

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