Mac is dating the waitress

She sees him as the father figure in her life, as her real father is not even aware that Max exists.Earl has supported her cupcake business from the start, and is proud of her often.It's also about how she attends Manhattan School of Pastry and how her relationship with Deke develops throughout the season. Max gets angry at Deke for breaking up with her but she does not tell it to anyone. It is shown throughout the series that Max is extremely sarcastic, she constantly makes jokes and regularly insults and offends people without much thought.

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Max is also very wise, as people go to her when they have problems.Poor background and a broken home make her a very exquisite character.Filled with wits, she is content with a regular life.In the fifth episode of season two, she pays for a new shirt for Earl's son so he could be proud. Max pokes fun at Han every chance she gets, she makes a short joke at his expense in nearly every episode.Sometimes their relationship is strained since Max is constantly making fun of him, but most of the time they're friends.

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