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Thomas Fairman according to Bean, was instrumental in "starting the 'Long Lost Oxford' Monthly Meeting." In the records of Abington Monthly Meeting Fairman is recorded as providing the "book" for the first meeting there as well as donating land for the meetinghouse on the "24th of the Seventh Month, 1688." Earlier, Fairman had given up his Shackamaxon home to William Penn and removed to "near Frankford," where his son William was born in 1683.

The Abington Meetinghouse is one of the earliest congregations dating back to when people gathered at Thomas Fairman's home at Shackamaxon, before the arrival of William Penn." It was this familiarity with Shackamaxon, the center of activity for Penn and his officials that would make William Penn venture north to Shackamaxon from Upland, the "official" capital, in order to treat with the Indians in the now famous Treaty of Amity and Friendship.

After Holme surveyed an area for himself, he had Fairman and several others set aside 500 acres next to Deputy Governor Markham, adjoining Penn's Pennsbury Manor.

On the other side of Holme's land was William Haige, another of Fairman’s boarders.

John Kinsey, one of the founders of Burlington, New Jersey and a commissioner for West Jersey, died in 1677 before the land deal was completed.

The lack of agreement among historians as to the time when the event took place also adds to the confusion of its authenticity.Some claim it occurred in late November, shortly after Penn arrived in his colony.Under the shelter of the forest, to quote Bancroft, now leafless by the frosts of autumn, Penn proclaimed to the men of the Algonquin race, from both banks of the Delaware, from the borders of the Schuylkill, andeven from the Susquehanna Other historians place the date of the treaty on June 23, 1683, when Penn purchased two tracts of land from Tamanend and his associates, with the assumption that the transaction and the Great Treaty took place at the same time and place.On March 24, 1782, Chief Killbuck is said to have lost the historic wampum that contained the treaty that Tamanend and others had made with Penn a hundred years previously.He had been forced to flee to Fort Pitt to escape death at the hands of the Scotch-Irish settlers from Chartiers Creek, who attacked him and other friendly Delawares at Smoky Island, also called Killbucks Island, in the Ohio River, near Fort Pitt.

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