Movies about interracial dating marriage

This fall, Julia Roberts’ daughter in the guaranteed-to-be-a-tearjerker "It's everyone's duty in this industry to step up to the plate, and we're slowly getting there," says Boast. The number of interracial couples is growing rapidly in the United States — over eight percent of marriages today are between two people of different races, compared to four percent in 1960.My boyfriend and I are just one of countless examples, as are my parents, who have been married since 1980, back when racial slurs and offensive comments were dished out to interracial partners on the regular.That’s not to say our society isn’t completely void of discrimination now, but there is certainly less stigma around couples of mixed race. When I finally do see two lovers from different ethnic backgrounds in the media, I get a bit excited."O'Shea and I saw each other at an event, and there was just something intriguing about him as a person.It was just an idea, until I later found out that he was actually obsessed with Batman in real life.There was a very cosmic kind of thing that happened with him, which shows that sometimes the unexpected casting choice is the greatest."It's about time.

It’s only taken about a century, but Hollywood is "You see a lot of movies with the same types of character, and one thing [director] Matt Spicer and I had talked about early on was wanting these characters to feel like real people in the world," says Plaza, who stars in and produced .And when they did happen, the colors of their skin were central story lines: There was 1975’s "The issue with the phrase 'diversity in Hollywood' is that it points to these occurrences on screen as something different or special," says Russell Boast, Vice President of the Casting Society of America."There's been a kind of glamorization of diversity, where creators think that having it means it has to be a plot point.And if we included the happy couples out there that haven’t gotten hitched, the statistic would surely be much greater.It’s more common than ever to see two people holding hands on the street who are ethnically different.

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