Msmoney updating your accounts locks up

For the user, a good extensibility allows the use of #arrangements": a way of broadly customizing the appearence and behaviour of gnucash, and then allowing users to very easily share these customizations with one another.

Such arrangements might be collections of canned reports, e.g. Or they might be the menu contents: one menu arrangement is for beginners, another for 'power users', a third for business owners.

For the developer, it allows parts to evolve semi-independently of one-another, and to be used in other, non-gnucash projects.The goal is that broad areas should be not only customizable, but it should be possible, even easy, to trade these customizations between users.In order to facilitate the gluing together of these parts, as well as simplify the questions of customizability, change and rapid development, Gnu Cash makes use of the Scheme extension language (as implemented in the FSF Guile interpreter), to glue the pieces together.The transaction includes several date fields, a description, and a common-currency field, and a universal unique id (uuid/guid).It also provides hooks to store arbitrary data associated with the transaction (using a URL-based key-value tree).

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