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We talked about what we we doing and would like the other to do.Listening to her breath hard and moan made me so hot!I was stroking my lubed cock real slow and I was sooo hard!The Viagra I took (get 100mg's, same price as 25mg, and cut in 1/4) lets me stay rock hard for hours while I barely squeeze and caress my hard delicious!! I'm a guy, and calls from guys outnumber calls from girls about 100:1, and I don't mind.

I had heard that the Microsoft servers were a hotbed of videosex chat, but the juxtaposition seemed incongruous, to put it mildly. But Microsoft's encouragement has resulted in some very un-Microsoftish behavior.

I talked with some, and watched 3 shoot their loads, while I kept myself right on the edge or orgasm, but cybersex with a girl is really special for me, and that is what I had been looking forward to.

During this time, I was also logged in to MHP Chat, but was the only one there.

I was stroking real slow to make it last as long as possible, but I was also afraid the connection might poof anytime and leave us high and dry.

I was really lubed up and had to stroke really slow to keep from from exploding, but I wanted to give her time to cum too.

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