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And so below we have compiled a list of the top 12 hottest teen girls in young Hollywood.

Allah willing each one of these celebrity teens will soon be liberated from their heathen lifestyle of leisure and excess by being stuffed in a shipping container and sent off to the Middle East to be put up for auction. Nude Leaks Probability: High Sex Tape Probability: Moderate Maidenhead Status: Unlikely Estimated Retail Price: 5 Dinars and an old goat.

#12 Chloe Grace Moretz Age: 18 Known For: “Kick-Ass”, “Hugo”, “The Equalizer” Pros: Pleasingly unfeminine body, and she knows how to use a gun. Age: 18 Known For: Disney’s “Shake It Up” and “Zapped” Pros: Tight body with dick sucking lips. Nude Leaks Probability: Moderate Sex Tape Probability: Doubtful Maidenhead Status: Possible Estimated Retail Price: 6 Dinars, a half-gallon of insecticide, and a bowl of hummus.

Age: 17 Known For: Disney’s “Jessie” Pros: With her hair slicked back she would look like she was 12.

Nude Leaks Probability: A certainty Sex Tape Probability: A certainty Maidenhead Status: Smashed to bits Estimated Retail Price: 13 Dinars, some spent AK-47 casings, and a Jew skin lampshade.

Age: 18 Known For: Disney’s “Kickin’ It” and “I Didn’t Do It” Pros: Perfect face for taking a Muslim’s massive load. Maidenhead Status: Wouldn’t be surprised if it was still intact.

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Age: 18 Known For: “Kids React” and showing her perky teen tits on Snapchat. Estimated Retail Price: 13 Dinars, a tanker of pesticide, and a carton of yak’s milk.

Age: 18 Known For: “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and banging black guys.

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