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In the 15 intervening years, Noor earned a graduate degree and rose rapidly in health care leadership.But she says she will draw heavily on her back story as a patient — at a time when the pressure is on for safety-net clinics to better track patient results and cut costs.On a recent morning at People’s Center, Noor stepped out of her uncluttered corner office for a twice-daily ritual.She strode briskly through the clinic’s ground floor, pausing to chat casually with patients in the waiting room and peeking into the new pediatric wing.She had arrived in the United States two years earlier after spending most of her teenage years in Kenyan refugee camps.She returned to the center last summer as the chief executive of what is now a network of clinics headquartered in the Minneapolis’ Cedar-Riverside neighborhood.The proud Somali community of Cedar-Riverside has high expectations of Noor, as well.

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Now, some are aiming higher, eyeing new roles as decisionmakers.

In the United States the first pin presented to a graduating class occurred at Bellevue Hospital in New York City, 1880.

The pin featured a crane in the center for vigilance.

Once Noor rushed in as her 2-year-old daughter cried in pain from an ear infection.

The young mom had lapsed health insurance and no appointment.

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