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The findings show that robots could be able to evolve on their own, in the same way that animals and humans have.

Like biological evolution, the robots mother could look out for the best traits in her children, and then use those to improve the following generations of robots.

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But instead of talking to them — which wouldn’t be heard — the app pops up a chat box where users can send messages or emoji Samsung has unveiled the biggest hard drive ever made, packing 16TB of storage into a standard sized hard drive.Pay Pal, the online payments service, has apologised to customers of a Scottish coffee shop with a taste for Cuban roast after reporting them to the US authorities and accusing them of violating the long-standing trade embargo Pay Pal has launched a new peer-to-peer payment service, letting people send or collect money with just a link.The service is intended to help friends and family send money more easily, in a way that is more akin to instant messaging than bank transfers.Apple has released a bright pink new i Phone 6s — likely the only way that you’ll be able to tell that someone has the new handset.The company released the new phone with much fanfare, but almost all of the changes — a new camera and pressure-sensitive display — were on the inside.

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