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I have seen many successful couples make it over and above their difficulties.

Any relationship will have a set of obstacles, so don’t feel that the trouble you’re facing is with regard to any disability or illness.

I had to think carefully about people I came across who put their diagnosis in their profile, I wondered whether they considered it part of their identity or whether they were just trying to avoid starting to get to know people who would judge them for it.

It did not stop me connecting with them per se but I knew I would only want to get to know someone if they had a similar attitude about their mental illness and recovery as I did (i.e. Of course, someone can become mentally ill later down the road so it’s worth considering when you get into a relationship with anyone – can I stick by this person, no matter what? Do I talk/write about mental health before meeting?

Even with mental illnesses, symptoms can be controlled and even reduced to live a healthy lifestyle and find a life partner.I was ambivalent about wanting someone else in my life. I think it’s important not to look for someone who’ll fix you, that won’t work.I was on and off online dating for over a year, tried different sites, met a few people – I just had to take it all as an interesting experience.I wrote some hints on my profile, such as “has been through some difficult stuff”, so people would know there was more to me than met the eye but I decided not to bring it up unless asked. I did not want to avoid the subject for too long, nor did I want it to be this massive “I’ve got something to tell you”.I would exchange a few emails before meeting just to check out a few basics but to be honest, once the internet has done its thing of enabling paths to cross, I’d say meet asap – ultimately a relationship is in person so why put it off?! I decided I would look for opportunities to drop it in.

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