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We are both trying to look past our wants and focus on our needs – we want to feed our starving soul!

Essentially, if Tinder is Clapham High Street; Berkeley International is Cannes.I certainly don’t want to make the same mistakes of the past. But I am allowing for my human condition of being flawed and of sometimes having to learn the same lesson twice, or three times.And if the teacher happens to be a sexy handsome man, then I plan on learning the lesson with a smile on my lips and a twinkle in my eyes!I fear getting fanatical, specially since I know my own tendencies. So it will take me longer to be physically and mentally fit but when I get there it will feel like home. We don’t want to be hurt again, so we try hard not to repeat past patterns and mistakes. We analyze and rationalize everything to the point of paralysis.I will attack something with all might only for a few months later to be exhausted and give up. To be questioning every single step and feelings and consequences is exhausting.

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