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They are then submitted in consolidated lots, at appointed times.

Applicants called for an interview can schedule an appointment, either by calling our call centre or by sending us an email request.

The visa section processes these applications on a priority basis and hands them to VFS Global, the same afternoon.

VFS Global ensures that these applications are ready for collection, the same evening.

VFS Global’s visa & passport application processing services is an end-to-end solution.

This solution has evolved into a seamless process which includes information dissemination, automated application and appointment systems, helplines, collection and remittance of fees, biometric enrolment, and convenient value added services to enhance the applicant experience.

If you don’t have a Medicare online account, create a my Gov account and link to Medicare. Once you've created a Medicare online account, you can download and update your details using the Express Plus Medicare mobile app.

If you need help with your Medicare online account, read our online account guides.

The qualifying applicants, who submit their application before cut-off time, will have their documents submitted to the visa section, in a separate priority-lot.

Over the years, our technology-driven innovative solutions have revolutionised the way visa & passport application services are managed since our inception in 2001.

Below is a detailed explanation of each of our service portfolio: We design and host a dedicated website for representation of each client government. All relevant information and links are provided as per written scripts and directives approved by the diplomatic mission.

Our Biometrics Enrolment solutions offer: VFS Global has extensive experience in capturing text and photo-image data, for uploading into the systems of diplomatic missions.

The data is uploaded via online file transfer, creation of data barcodes for subsequent scanning, or via floppy diskette/CD-ROM.

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