Powerpoint chart data not updating

In this case, instead of Power Point tables and charts it is better to embed Excel object.The information automatically updates after updates in the Excel table.If you have a presentation with some charts and reports you never know how often you will need to update it.E.g., you create a quarter performance report and receive a new data every hour.To create a new range, choose the radio button Create a New Named Range.Mekko Graphics will create a range on-the-fly based on the selection in Excel.

The Remove option is only enabled if there is already an established link. Removing a link simply removes the reference to Excel; it does not remove the data.

When you insert a new chart in Power Point, you might notice that an instance of the Excel sheet containing some dummy data for your chart pops up within Power Point.

You then change the data within that instance of the Excel sheet to auto-update the chart on your slide.

Therefore, any changes to the data in your Excel range will be reflected in your data sheet.

The Refresh option is only enabled if there is an established link.

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