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He’s a pilot, she’s a soldier, and together they are one of Joss Whedon’s most endearing couples.

Throughout their relationship – which weaves through the Firefly series and Serenity – they’ve fought wars, battled innumerable space nasties, and survived (well, mostly) impossible odds.

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Their plan to screw over the mafia – specifically, screw over Violet’s ill-fated husband played wickedly by Joe Pantoliano – is executed with such flair that it would be an American crime to keep them off this list.

Comic book store clerk Clarence is, in many ways, a reflection of Tarantino and those who watch his movies, while Alabama is one of the sweetest call girls you’ll ever meet, albeit with a perchance to swoon at cold-blooded murder.

Together, they kill, cheat, and steal; all in the name of love, of course. Incredible and Elastigirl (aka Bob and Helen Parr) are superheroes, and while that does indeed make them incredible, their struggles to keep their family together in the face of middle-class mediocrity make them far more credible than many of their live-action onscreen counterparts.

And, like any relationship where both parties are skilled fighters and prone to bouts of vigilante justice, it’s a safe bet they’d be gymnasts in the bedroom.

The most anarchic couple on this list, Mickey and Mallory are a Bonnie and Clyde infected by the brilliantly sick minds of director Oliver Stone and story guy Tarantino.

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