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The Newton supports four IR software data modes: Sharp encoding, Newt IR protocol (specifications are NOT releaseable) Sharp encoding, Sharp IR protocol Plain Serial 38 KHz encoding ("TV Remote Control") Maybe -- it depends on your printer, and your Newton model.Most IR-capable printers support the Ir DA protocols, rather than the Sharp ASK protocol.The protocol specification is available in HTML format.Principal features are Over the Message Pad product evolution, Apple extended the Sharp ASK protocol, making it substantially faster.This FAQ attempts to answer common questions about the Newton infrared capabilities.It's home site is Sharp ASK is a protocol developed by Sharp for use with its range of electronic organisers.In the Apple Message Pad 100, 110, and 120, the Sharp Expert Pad, and the Motorola Marco, the IR transmitter/receiver is a Sharp Infrared Data Communication Unit model RY5BD11 connected to channel B of a Zilog 85C30 SCC.Data is communicated along a 500 KHz carrier frequency at 9600 or 19200 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, odd parity.

The Desk Jet needs the IR Adaptor Part #C3277A and the Laser Jet needs Part #C2929A.

Version 1.1 specifies higher speed operations than 1.0, but is backward compatible.

The Ir DA protocol family consists of several components: Ir DA-SIR (serial infrared), Ir DA-LMP (link management protocol), Ir DA-LAP (link access protocol).

The IR hardware requires a minimum of 5 milliseconds settling time when transitioning between sending and receiving.

Sharp's CE-IR2 wireless interface unit may be used to connect the Newton to Mac OS or DOS machines, with the appropriate software.

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