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Note that a “statements of intent” also can be used to state the lack of attraction. If you did it’s hopefully now clear that you can’t really tell her that you find her sexy until she has given you a real reason for you to do so, you have to get her to reveal something about herself that you really appreciate.

But try to get your statement of intent into the conversation within the first 10-15 min of meeting.

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If you are feeling she is cheating on you then she is cheating on you. She was into event management so she justified it saying it is for advertisement and nothing more. If she is hiding it my friend trust me she is either cheating on you or will cheat on you soon. If you have problems with her you have to let her know. don’t feel like that, I know you were just kidding! ”Divya: *shyness overwhelmed her now* “Sorry, umm, I didn’t mean like that.”Raj: *pretendedly* “Oh!By “escalating” I mean you failed to make things romantic between the two of you.You simply failed to show your sexual intent for the relationship between the two of you; SIDE NOTE: Escalating (the art of escalating) this is an important piece of attraction so I would strongly recommend you to read this broader article about the (art of escalation).

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