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A number of men were landed, and collections of the plants and animals were obtained, but, since the island seemed of little value, no serious attempt at exploration was made | 3]. Captain Aldrich and his men cut a way to the top of the island, and sent home a number of rock specimens obtained on the way, and Mr. This is usually about 15 to 30 feet high, and is much undercut by the heavy swell that is continually breaking against its base.

Andrews List of Species recorded from Christmas Island List of the Principal Papers relating to Christmas Island Appendix ........ Another white beach was seen towards the north- west point, but no anchorage was found near it. "Egeria" (Captain Pelham Aldrich) called at the island, and remained about ten days. Lister, who accompanied the expedition as naturalist, made extensive col- lections both of the fauna and flora, but had not time to penetrate to the middle of the island [4-6]. The ridge descends seaward in a succession of terraces, the upper ones bounded by comparatively gentle slopes, the lower by a high and nearly vertical cliff, below which there is a narrow platform sloping gently down to the sea cliff.

It usually slopes gently seawards, sometimes becoming steeper towards the cliff' edge, which is nearly everywhere boi'dereil with a belt of pinnacles of coral limestone, separated by clefts and channels often parallel to the cliff edge. Here, on descending the slope of the terrace towards the clitf edge, we come first to a narrow belt of pinnacles, beyond which is a sudden drojj of about 50 feet ; at the foot of the low cliff thus formed is a perfectly level, soil-clad terrace, some 50 yards broad, which is bounded on the outer side by lines of pinnacles 20-30 feet high, separated by winding channels with level floors ; beyond these is a slope covered with piles of limestone blocks extending to the c Kff edge. On the northern and eastern sides the edge fonns, in most places, a raised rim, bounded externally by a low cliff, below which comes the 12 Chrintmas Inland. In other places it passes into the inland cliif by a more gentle slope. On the south coast one or other of the upper inland cliffs is wanting, or rather the two form a single declivity. Speaking generally, the whole of the upper part of the island consists of a plain, sloping goitly to the south and west, and possessing a surface varied with shallow valleys, rounded flat- topped hills, and low ridges and reefs of coral limestone. Fossil Mollusca from the Reef Limestones of Christmas Island, by R. Another notable feature is the occurrence on the northern and eastern borders of several peculiar hills, the long axis of which lies parallel to the edge of the plateau. The actual iiiargin is usually marked by a belt of limestone pinnacles of greater or less width.

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