Rubygems not updating

You can specify a configset when you call cfn-init in your template.If you don't specify a configset, cfn-init looks for a single config key named Note The cfn-init helper script processes these configuration sections in the following order: packages, groups, users, sources, files, commands, and then services.

Each configset can contain a list of config keys or references to other configsets.Use the AWS:: Cloud Formation:: Init type to include metadata on an Amazon EC2 instance for the cfn-init helper script.If your template calls the cfn-init script, the script looks for resource metadata rooted in the AWS:: Cloud Formation:: Init metadata key. cfn-init supports all metadata types for Linux systems.For example, you can store a configuration file in an S3 bucket and interpolate Refs and Get Atts from the template, instead of using You can use the groups key to create Linux/UNIX groups and to assign group IDs.The groups key is not supported for Windows systems.

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