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To understand that the evidence of science is not as overwhelming as presented in popularly understood, please see our Creation and Science resource page.The allegorical method is a method of assigning “hidden meanings” to passages of Scripture, limited only by individual imagination.

Pretty well everyone agrees that this commandment applies to women as well and forbids covering another woman’s husband. However, it is a common-sense interpretation that “plain readers” deny when it comes to issues they hold dear.In recognition of the divine source of the thoughts of the Bible, this method recognizes that the Holy Spirit will guide the earnest seeker for truth when such a seeker asks for divine insight. ) This method includes a strong emphasis on allowing the Bible to be its own interpreter, comparing Scripture with Scripture.It also includes the necessity of considering the context in which a passage is found.She did not actually use the words “plain reading,” but she did write this: This is used to advocate a very literalistic reading of Scripture.However, Ellen White actually used the “Historical Adventist Method” of interpretation.

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