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Although in the game, Liberty City appears to be an isolated set of islands, the rest of America is actually nearby.

Rockstar Games stated that they avoided placing unreachable pieces of land in the distance to retain the city's "complete" feel.

Algonquin (Manhattan) Self-proclaimed center of everything A bustling commercial/business district full of amazing towering skyscrapers and a varied composition of cultures. Broker (Brooklyn) An ex-city on its own A distinct ex-city on its own, it maintains a distinct character apart from the rest of the city. Dukes (Queens) Old, ethnically-diverse and affluent An old ethnically-diverse, predominantly-residential area, it is the location of the Francis International Airport and the baseball stadium that is home to the Liberty City Swingers, and an Irish pub, the Steinway Beer Garden.

Here holds various famous landmarks, such as Star Junction (Times Square), Middle Park (Central Park), and the Rotterdam Tower (Empire State Building). Dukes is primarily made up of affluent and ethnically diverse middle to upper-class residential neighborhoods that use traditional Irish, Victorian and Tudor architecture; though some neighborhoods follow the typical modern New York archetype.

The British and the Americans fought in what was to be known as the American Revolution for freedom from taxes, and after receiving a statue of a transvestite eating ice cream from the French, the Americans won and removed the Union Jack and melting the statue of King George into chains, toilet seats and gold teeth.

Slavery was soon outlawed in Liberty City and women were forced to spend time under train tracks servicing men.

Alderney was named after a man called Phillip D'Alderney, the only man who could bear living in the swampy industrial island.

The smallest island was named Bohan for the Dutch word.

Eventually, the English set sail for the colony, which was based on the slender island named Algonquin after an old Indian word with the same pronunciation and the settlers signed a petition to be ruled by the British.Beyond the tranquility, people were tired of living in black and white and riots ensued, which didn't help with a civil war looming. It is stated in two internet news articles in GTA V (right after the missions Franklin and Lamar and Three's Company) that Liberty City was devastated by a massive storm.This is an obvious reference to Hurricane Sandy which hit New York and New Jersey in 2012. Middle Park can be seen in the middle, and the Algonquin skyline in the background.Grand Theft Auto IV and its two episodes (The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony) use the same full rendition of the city.However, a small number of different locations are accessible in the different episodes.

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