Saudi sex dating

This guy was a young apparently healthy Saudi guy and one of his hands was cut right at the wrist.Both my husband and I did not say anything so I don’t know if it was cut off as punishment or due to an accident or illness but I bet lots of people wonder when they meet him.I do know that this type of punishment does not happen often.Another instance is one time my husband and I met a real estate agent to show us a house we were interested in.

I don’t know the details such as whether or not the thief had a previous history of stealing.We’ve all heard or read about the strict laws and forms of punishment in Saudi Arabia.The most notorious of which is cutting off the hands of thieves.The girl’s father is summoned and the guy is locked up usually after being given a few slaps and punches.The girl is handed over to her father (if he’ll take her) and the guy is later released after they put his information into the system.

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