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(In Microsoft Bot Framework, this calling bot is only supported by Skype channel.) Note : If you use SDK (.

NET, Node.js), you can refer the official document for the step-by-step tutorial of the calling bot.

First, open the bot settings page, go to Skype channel configuration page, and enable “Calls” feature in Skype channel.

(See the following screenshot.) You must also set the call endpoint (which I explain later) in this settings.

Using Microsoft Bot Framework, your bot can also play media, or record as binary.

This capabilities are very much used in the real scenarios : playing music on hold, recording messages to someone, etc Especially, you can do the interactive talks using this capabilities as follows.

After that, the Bot Framework (or Skype Bot Platform) calls this callback endpoint for subsequent communications.

The all requests (webhook) in this communications is done by this callback url, after the acceptance.

When your bot want to provide the choice by the voice (not dial pad digit), your bot sends the following HTTP response.Note : Currently only en-US culture is supported in the calling bot.Therefore, if you want to handle ja-JP (Japanese language), please use the following play and record communication now.In the case of needing the high-quality voice guidance, you can also use these capabilities. If your bot plays some existing audio file, your bot sends the HTTP response like follows.As you can see, your bot can use the audio file uri in the play Prompt action, instead of text value.

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