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If you are concerned about your spouse knowing your address, call the Family Violence Legal Line at 1-800-374-4673 for free advice.

Fill out these additional starting forms if required for your case: Do not hand-deliver any papers to your spouse if there has been violence during your relationship, especially if a judge has signed a Protective Order ordering you or your spouse to stay away from the other. If you decide to have your spouse served, use these instructions: Instructions & Forms for a Default Divorce without Children.

The judge may ask you questions or may ask you to read your testimony.

Have your Sample Testimony for Divorce without Children ready.

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Make sure everything in the sample testimony is true for you. Remember, everything you say in court must be true and correct.

You can be charged with a crime for lying in court.

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To finish a contested divorce, you must set a contested final hearing.The judge will listen to what you say and review your papers.If everything is in order the judge will sign your Final Decree of Divorce.You can always wait longer than 60 days, but your divorce cannot be finished in fewer than 60 days.When counting the 60 days, find the day you filed your on a calendar, and then count out 60 more days (including weekends and holidays).

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