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(I don’t know why Jane doesn’t always call, but she isn’t my employee so I don’t think it would be appropriate to make her part of my solution.)What is my best move here?Of course “didn’t feel like going to work today, too lazy to call boss” is hugely different from “medical condition made it impossible for me to notify boss I couldn’t work.” Yet I still need to know where my staff are at their scheduled start time!Admittedly, sometimes when I knew I’d be using the same dishes the next day, I’d leave them out until then.After this lady’s crusade began, she came into my office a couple times to ask me to dry and put the dishes away, which I did.

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It sounds like you’re being really accommodating with him, and this is a reasonable thing to ask for to allow you to continue doing that.My supervisor forwarded me her email, adding that he expected me to fix the problem because it would be bad news if he had to escalate it to the department head. I don’t feel like it was at all necessary to involve my supervisor over something so banal, especially before actually having a conversation with me about the conflict.Now I feel like my relationship with my supervisor has taken a hit and I honestly feel a little terrorized.That said, I’d just email back and say: “Hmmm, this is strange because I’m vigilant about cleaning up after myself in there.I’ll talk to Jane and find out what the issue is, and will resolve it directly with her.” But then …

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