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Many LGBT people claim to fear violence in their workplace or from their family, and therefore, are said to not file complaints of claimed human rights violations or of criminal offences.

Nevertheless, in 2017, Armenia became the second Asian country where same-sex marriages performed abroad are recognised.

In December 2002, the Azgayin Zhoghov (National Assembly) approved the new penal code in which the anti-gay article was removed.

This rapidly followed a first attack earlier on 8 May, where a petrol bomb was thrown through the Rock Pub's window.

In October 2003, a group of 15 LGBT people gathered in Yerevan to set up an organization which was initially baptised GLAG (Gay and Lesbian Armenian Group).

But after several meetings, the participants failed to achieve their goal.

Members of Parliament stated that any member found to be gay should resign – an opinion shared by the Presidential Advisor for National Security, Garnik Isagulyan.

another NGO, emerged to promote public awareness on HIV and other STI (sexually transmitted infections) prevention but also to fight discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

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