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Geotechnical Database Management Call-In Services 2018 from the winning firm: P41518128 Langan Engineering & Environmental. Geotechnical Database Management (m/WBE) Call-In Services 2017 from the winning firm: -41517130 SQL Solutions, Inc.Christopher Sheehy - Request for copies of records related to the following: Contract AKB-264.039 - Bayonne Bridge Project, awarded to Skanska Koch Inc./Kiewit Infrastructure Co. Post-award equitable adjustments for claims or requests for additional compensation submitted by SK and paid by the Port Authority (PA) including but not limited to with regard to change orders, applications for payment and claim documents, with all supporting documents. Correspondence and documents exchanged between SK and PA regarding all requested equitable adjustments and/or claims for additional compensation. Memoranda, notes and other internal and external PA documents regarding SK claims for additional compensation and/or equitable adjustment, including but not limited to for extra work, delay and/or design changes. Documents allocating responsibility for delays, including any allocation of fault by PA. Documents relating to the breakdown of each equitable adjustment based on trade and/or Contract line items Kevin Wolfe - Request for a copy of record related to the following: a full, complete, detailed copy of the Engineer's Estimate for Contract WTC-974.880.03.

The full, most recently ratified collective bargaining agreement with the International Union of Operating Engineers. Total revenue and expense records relating to John F Kennedy Airport for FY 20.Poulin - Request for a copy of the following: Any payment and/or performance bonds issued in connection with Lease No.AGB-104, La Guardia Airport Central Terminal Building Replacement Project, in which the entities La Guardia Gateway Partners, LLC and/or Skanska/Walsh Design Build JV are listed as principals.I am requesting the financial terms of the contract, however if they need to be redacted, I am still requesting all terms of the contract."Adele Vigorito - Request for a copy of the incumbent contract & proposal including cover letters, technical, pricing, etc.submitted by the current company providing facilities management services at Newark Airport.

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