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("I'm dubious," Jughead said specifically, like the pretentious monster he is.) Ironically, though, the house where the Black Hood sent Betty belonged to the family who was murdered by the Riverdale Reaper: the Conways. Like, she pulls out a bottle of lavender when they're changing in the locker room and starts massaging her. then says he's not retiring from the Serpents—but this isn't a choice. This is all so We ends things with trouble in paradise for both couples: Veronica tearfully says it should matter to Archie that she can't say "I love you" back to him and runs off. The final scene in the episode shows Betty and ARCHIE looking at each other through their windows like thirsty animals. They'd honestly be the hottest couple on this show, so I ship them. Like, Betty can do whatever she wants, but this just felt awkward and forced and strange. Penny Peabody agreed to alleviate Jughead from his obligations to her if F. Jughead's mad at Betty for doing that dance, and they quasi break up. is finally back and everyone is, predictably, very hot.There's a lot to like about each character, but nobody's perfect (especially in this town) and you can't help but wonder — would you actually want to date any of these characters? Archie’s a human version of those.•You may get a very slow song written about you.•We all saw the shirtless boxing scene, no need to be coy about it.So that's a good sign."Watch his interview for yourself, below: "Great chemistry? Reinhart herself added to this relationship buzz earlier this month, when she wrote a very touching message on Instagram about Sprouse for his birthday.Meanwhile, the Riverdale Reaper, whom we learned about last week, is legitimate. Jones is getting out of jail, which is great, but I also don't care.

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Con: •That is one scary lady.•“Hi, I’m Cheryl Blossom my brother Jason Blossom was murdered and I’ll have a number five with cheese fries, please.”•If she dies first she’ll haunt you until you join her in the void.

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Con: •She wearing the Chanel boots, and she will let you know she is wearing the Chanel boots. •Betty comes with the package, get ready for a lot of (very welcome) third-wheel dates.

Pro: •Kevin is the kind, smart hero of a true crime podcast so if you’re into that, go for it.•He’s so tall and handsome as hell.•I have this really vivid image of going apple picking with Kevin Keller and how cute he would be in a lil flannel shirt hauling around an apple bucket.

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