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She also locked the doors and told us to let her know when we wanted out.

The drive thru remained open as far as I could tell.

I’m not sure if they have a shortage or not but that still doesn’t give her the right to be rude shericka is her name I just ask her what’s her name she said it doesn’t Matter bye bye! The young lady smirked when I told her this morning.

The name Krystal was conceived by Davenport’s wife, who saw a crystal lawn ball and thought that the name sounded like something clean and pretty. From the early 1930s through the early 1960s, the chain served much of its food, not in take-out containers, but on inexpensive porcelain dishes with the “Krystal” name on them. 2 order,& when I did order and got 2 the next window 2 receive my food the girl at the register was texting on her cell phone, while I waited , I watched as she finished texting first and then went 2 the back 2 retrieve my order. Reply I visited the Krystal in East Point, Georgia around 0pm as I entered I informed the Manager on Duty that the parking lot was messing and dirty. Did not even wash her hands and still using cell phone while taking orders. Waited 10 minutes up front for beverage refill, cashier outside. I would strongly suggest that Krystal train their Staff better. Reply Went to Krystal , located at 5975 Service Rd, Birmingham, AL 35235 this morning about am.The problem that I have is how do you all allow upset peoples to work for your company! now I must say this I go to both VANN DRIVE IS VERY NICE NEAT , well North highland tells me they not serving breakfast before 11 they turned they grill off I should of come earlier.People like her is not a great image for your company she is causing you to lose money ! I will be expecting a follower up on this message Reply I am a faithful customer to your establishment I live in Jackson Tn, you have two Krystal’s here. Twice this has happened then my food was messed up.Today, the company has more than 1,800 locations in 11 states and has 6,500 full-time employees. They need a manger that knows how to direct the employees to wait on the customers as they place the orders instead of only the drive thru!! Never again will go back back to this Krystal l!!!!!!The company is best known for their square burgers on square buns called “Sliders”. Tagged as: Krystal address, Krystal complaint desk, Krystal complaints, Krystal corporate address, Krystal corporate office headquarters, Krystal customer complaints, Krystal headquarters, Krystal home office, Krystal main office, Krystal office address, Krystal office email, Krystal office fax, Krystal office phone, Krystal office phone number Villa Rica Krystal has awful service!! Reply I visited the Krystal restaurant on Cleveland Ave. They are sitting around not helping the Customers but discussing TV using Profanity. To be steamed after giving me a hard bun, Staff gets an attitude.

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