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There is a current mythology in our culture that anytime we meet someone and have that "enchanted evening" experience, that experience of looking into the eyes of the other and falling hopelessly in love-- that this is nothing more than a delusion; a mutual projection, a fantasy that will only last until reality sets in. It says that this enchanted evening experience was in fact a temporary experience of enlightenment; a kind of temporary gift from the gods to show us the romantic mountaintop, so that we will have such an appetite for it, such desire to return to its bliss, that we will be willing to do the inner work necessary to climb back up there ourselves.That moment when most western psychotherapeutic traditions would argue that reality set in, is actually the moment when, from a spiritual perspective, unreality set in.Physical circumstances have very little to do with either our capacity to love or to attract love. No one is longing to meet a desperate needy, angry, withholding, controlling person.No one can say this stuff doesn't work until they've actually tried it. If your beloved is out there they can't pick up your signals if you're dwelling in those spaces within yourself. Number two: Spirituality is about the intersection of the human and the divine.Enlightenment is the key to everything, and it is the key to intimacy, because it is the goal of true authenticity.Moving through the ring of fear that surrounds our illumined self.

Marianne is an internationally acclaimed author and lecturer, and one of America's most beloved spiritual teachers.So not only is there inner work to be done, there's also outer work to be done.You might open the door to your own house or apartment and take a brutally honest look: Is this someplace that would feel like home?She is the author of ten books, four of which were #1 New York Times bestsellers.In this interview she articulates her vision of the spiritual path to love; a vison she will be teaching in her Enchanted Love Workshop.

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