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A general problem in identifying causes of sex-biased mortality is presented by the overlapping predictions these two hypotheses make when males are the larger sex.Recently, the first experimental studies of sex-biased vulnerability in avian species with reversed size dimorphism, that is, larger females, have given new insights.It is commonly assumed that the larger sex needs more energy during growth to reach its final size and is therefore more vulnerable to a shortage of resources (Anderson et al., 1993b; Krijgsveld et al., 1998).

Survival in natural broods was additionally affected by hatch date and position.

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Historieprofessor Diarmaid Mac Culloch ger sig ut för att titta närmare på människors förhållande till sex genom historien och vilken roll kyrkan har spelat i frågor som sex, äktenskap och kön.

Does a relationship become categorized as happy and fulfilling because the partners in it are getting everything they want including sex, or does the happiness of relationships occur regardless of that?

Being one of the most-argued issues and most-debated topics regarding relationships, the answer to this question is dependent on the person answering it per time.

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