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You think I could just go with the flow after all I’ve learned right? As you’re probably telling the screen right now, this is certainly not the case.At first this made me think it’s not right, proceed with caution.Once you reach 30, you've officially achieved grown-ass woman status. And while the hangovers are slightly worse, the sex is exponentially better and you've learned not to waste time on boys who don't have their sh*t together.#Boy Bye However, there are some super weird things that come with dating after your twenty-something days are behind you.The reason why I’ve chosen to write this post now is because I’m sure there are many of you out there in the same stage as me.You’re with a new guy and anxious AF about what is going to happen next.But starting from the start, how did I know this guy was worth dating? They seem simple but how often do we actually stop and ask ourselves? I have known for a while that I want a long-term relationship, and what there are certain things that are important to me in a person.These days I use two questions to help me get my answer. However it has only been in the last couple of months that I’ve actually been ready to start acting like that’s what I want.

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It is still super new and we’re still very much in the getting to know you stage.

Another important lesson I learnt was to TRUST MY BULLSHIT RADAR! My bullshit radar has become quite refined after many a year in the dating game.

By this I don’t mean that I put up the ice queen facade that I once did. If I feel like they’re putting on a front, or laying on the charm a bit thick I listen to my innards and walk quickly in the opposite direction.

This has been a post I’ve been wanting to write for a while but have been a little scared to.

I have previously written about my experiences dating with endometriosis, and what it can be like being single with chronic illness.

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