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Give help to those who need it and respect the needs or limitations of others, especially children or people with disability.

Wear bio-degradable sunscreen and bring a small first aid kit if you can.

Lovell said it was perfectly fine for people to continue buying chicken because regulations had been put in place to oversee the distribution of live chickens, ensuring no infected stock would be on the market.

“The association is working closely with the Department of Agricult Continue reading…

Our food shops will therefore sell a wide variety of fresh vegetarian food., publicada en Noviembre de 2012, al nuevo Reglamento.Con la presente Guía se pretende facilitar al asegurado el acceso al Servicio de Atención al Asegurado para la presentación de reclamaciones contra resoluciones finales del Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros y de quejas referidas a irregularidades o dilaciones injustificadas en la tramitación de los expedientes de indemnización por parte de las unidades gestoras de dicha Entidad.Temperatures in Alentejo in August can fluctuate between 25 and 40 degrees Celsius and Portugal alone accounts for more than half of all forest fires in the EU.We can’t be clear enough: please do not make fires of any kind (bbq, camp fires, candles, …) and be extremely careful with cigarette butts.

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