Splistitem update not updating

I have a custom content type, and a custom list definition based on that content type. Id; // a boolean field IList If I step through the code during the upgrade process, it seems to work, the right lists are found, and the right number of items are looped through, and the code throws no errors. If I go back in and look at those list items, the fields still have null values. I am adding two new fields to the content type in a feature upgrade. Both the ways we are using the exact same code: After some research found that all the workflow's and event handlers run on a different thread than the main thread.You just cannot create another Console/Windows Application and have it trigger the workflow and just quit.

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With Item Updating, note that the list item has not yet been saved so you do not need to call System Update.

Here is my code from my feature upgrade custom action: SPSite site = properties. Parent as SPSite; SPContent Type Id my CType ID = new SPContent Type Id("0x01-content-type-id-here"); SPContent Type my Content Type = site. Content Types[my CType ID]; Guid choice Field Id = site.

Updates the database with changes that are made to the list item. It may have been deleted by another user.", Error Type = typeof(Argument Exception))] [Client Callable Exception Constraint Attribute(Fixed Id = "8", Condition = "Field and list validation have failed.", Error Code = , Error Type = typeof(SPList Data Validation Exception))] [Client Callable Exception Constraint Attribute(Fixed Id = "saveconflict", Error Code = , Condition = "Save Conflict.

Quitting the application before the asyc worker threads finish their work, causes those threads to simply abort.

In case of workflow, it would seem as workflow never fired !!

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