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Some children ask to try new activities and stay home alone.Sometimes care is too expensive or certain child care arrangements are not available during school breaks.Assembly presentations are conducted and members from the Chatham Kent Block Parent Program attend each assembly and have an opportunity to promote the Chatham-Kent Block Parent Program.How to buy the Right Helmet There are different types of helmets for different sports and activities.

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For some families a combination of arrangements may be the best plan.

We will also post information on upcoming events on our home page This program began in 1998 when the Chatham-Kent Quilter’s Guild partnered with the Chatham-Kent Police Service.

The quilts are given out by front line police officers on behalf of the Chatham-Kent Quilters Guild to children that are traumatized by a motor vehicle collision, house fire or other traumatic circumstance.

Home Alone For many families with older children, the time comes when you must decide if your child is ready to care for himself.

While some parents leave for work before school opens, others finish work long after school is over.

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    One study in 2001 found that women who gave birth during their teens completed secondary-level schooling 10–12% as often and pursued post-secondary education 14–29% as often as women who waited until age 30.