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When it was announced that the title of his next album would be The Red Light District, your humble correspondent must admit that he feared more of the same.

So it's an exceedingly pleasant surprise to report that District keeps such coarse pandering to a minimum.

Some amusing reconfigurations include I Send My Love to You and Pushkin, both from 1994s Days in the Wake.Greatest Palace Music isnt so much an apology for the earlier, often roughshod quality recordings as it is another curious, intriguing addition to Oldhams redoubtable body of work.Ludacris: The Red Light District Def Jam South, 2004 Rating: 3.8 Astute Shaking Through regulars might recall that this writer took Ludacris to task last year for indulging in ugly, lowest-common-denominator posturing on Chicken -N- Beer.What's more, Ludacris bolsters his likeable traits -- his loose, Everydawg-made-good persona, his unique Southern drawl -- with an eagerness to expand his stylistic parameters: the tribal drumbeats and arresting "Jump down, turn around, pick a bale of cotton" break of the Timbaland-produced "The Potion," on which he proclaims "Speakin' about what hip-hop is missin' and shit / I'm 'bout to fill a void"; the lilting street-psychedelia of "Blueberry Yum Yum." And even when he falls into the trap of complaining about the perils of wealth (as on the otherwise enjoyable "Large Amounts"), Ludacris avoids the alienating misogyny and affected thug-life misanthropy that have marred past works.For those reasons, The Red Light District is the best work of the Atlanta rapper's career so far.

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