Survival guide for dating a medical student

It was meant to be a ‘journal’-like space of our time living in Virginia and powering through the medical school days (which we don’t miss at all).By the end of medical school, our little online journal had evolved into what it is now.I would get on my personal Facebook page and see my friends from college who were living really beautiful lives..

Anyway, I think the Lord daily for giving me John – and for creating John to be medical school.I just share all of this because no matter what you are doing in life – don’t compare! If you have to compare, make it healthy and let it be motivation.If you find yourself comparing, forward that energy into something better.It was not something we planned but we have loved every minute of it & are so grateful to have you all following along.John is behind the scenes big time despite what can be a grueling residency schedule. he moonlights as a photographer) & he also helps arrange all of my travel as well as a few other tasks.

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