Ultrasounds dating from lmp conception

My cycles can be super long ranging from 29-66 days.

The month I got my positive cycle was only 34 days which is relatively short for me.

What I don't understand is could I be further along and just measuring small and how would the doctors know this?

Or could I just have missed my period but still ovulated. Doctors only change your due date if your measurements are over a week difference of you lmp. I only know roughly when I ovulated because we used tests.

However, I am 20 5 as of today and have a due date of March 25th.

Doc said I ovulated late which for me is extremely possible since I have polycystic ovaries and my cycle was a week later than normal the month or two prior to May. You're had two ultrasounds that agreed with each other on dating.

This, and other research I've done, leads me to believe that you may measure on or off target for many different reasons and ultimately every baby grows at their own pace.I remember having cramping on Jun 7th 2013 like I was going to come on my period but never did? ) this would still make me (by a pregnancy calculator) around 24 weeks and a due date of March 06 2014.So this date is still not the same as the ultrasound date!I would go with the dating scans for dates as long as they stay consistent baby sounds like ours, delayed ov but completely healthy, it happens more often than you think too. I had really bad nausea and tingly boobs from 4 days after I got pregnant (my morning sickness was bad enough to require zofran daily up until 18 weeks).It seems to just depend on how sensitive you are to pregnancy hormones, mine were monitored because I had bleeding at 5 4 weeks and they were rocketing up quickly but eventually levelled out Thanks for the answers guys, It looks like I must of ovulated later than normal.

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