Updating and restoring ipod touch software

i Tunes will seemingly work at the beginning, but as soon as your restore process begins, an error pops up at the worst time because connection was lost or couldn’t be established to begin with.

To see if the problem is USB-related, follow these steps: Use an Apple-branded USB cable: Some third-party cables for syncing and charging your devices are not Apple certified and i Tunes will throw errors when you try to use them to restore.

Make sure you don’t have any software settings set, such as a modified hosts file, that could be interfering with i Tunes’ functionality.

Sometimes anti-virus and firewall software can interfere with i Tunes while it tries to complete a restore or communicate with Apple’s restore servers.

Try another USB port: More commonly on PCs, but also possible on Macs, some USB ports on your machine may have a lower power or speed rating.

Also, from lots of use, the metal contacts in them can become worn and stop working properly with some accessories.

Many problems with the i Phone can be resolved by restarting it, but some more complex problems require putting the i Phone into recovery mode.

This shouldn't be your first troubleshooting step, but sometimes it's the only one that works.

If you need to restore your i Phone, you can choose to restore it to its factory state or from a recent backup of your data.

If an application is keeping i Tunes from doing its job, you may receive one of the following error messages: In these scenarios, the only thing you can do are check your firewall settings to ensure that i Tunes isn’t being blocked for any of its incoming or outgoing connections, and to ensure that no software is blocking i Tunes from accessing the USB ports on your machine to communicate with your i OS device(s).

All anti-virus and firewall software are going to be different from one another and there are seemingly endless options out there, so there’s really no way to give you a universal step-by-step ‘here’s how to fix this problem’ list for this scenario.

Ensure that your wireless router is working normally and that no cables have become unplugged.

You may also want to look at the internet/wireless settings of your Mac or PC to make sure you have internet access.

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