Updating bios d600 a12

Just as this cannot be run under Ubuntu (or any other Linux), .This is in spite of anything it may say on the download page about being compatible with earlier versions of Windows; using any legacy DOS-type environment the runs, but exits without doing anything except printing out an annoying message. And how do we do that on a single-boot Ubuntu machine (or even a computer running legacy Windows, like XP)?

Community supported Dell firmware repository OBSOLETE! " Instead use openmanage repository Bios Update It worked for me without any issues.

You then boot from usb and run the bios_from the DOS command prompt. The Arch wiki has great information with several additional options.

See : https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Flashing_BIOS_from_Linux I wanted to update BIOS on Dell Inspiron 1525 recently.

The key ingredient at this point is a Windows 7 Repair Disk.

There are several ways to obtain one, including buying one from sources on the internet, or making friends with someone who has a Windows 7 computer.

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