Updating voyager

Moog was at the forefront of this technology with the blue backlit front panel of the Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue model; a stunning new look never before seen.

Now Moog Engineering has incorporated a new, quieter version of this backlighting technology dubbed: Quiet II Technology All Minimoog Voyager Select Series, including the Electric Blue, include the Quiet II Technology.

X is available immediately on a return to Factory Upgrade. Call for an RMA# prior to returning your Voyager to Moog.) International customers: Please contact the listed dealer in your country for an upgrade price or we can ship the Field upgrade and instructions to you.

(Choose "Field" upgrade from the selection menu above.) After Pressure Field Upgrade This feature shipped stock on all Select Series Voyagers with a serial greater than 440, Electric Blue Voyagers with a serial greater than 1137, and Performer Stage Edition Voyagers with a serial greater than 2761.

- Optionally reduces the amount of MIDI data being sent from the Touch Surface.

(These changes enable the Voyager to work better with older MIDI equipment.) V3.

For the firmware upgrade process to go as smoothly as possible, we strongly recommend Windows 10 and later.

We are very pleased to offer the Quiet II Technology to our Electric Blue customers as well.

Flashing Pitch and Mod Wheel Modification This is a custom modification which drives the pitch and mod wheel LED brightness directly from the LFO triangle wave output, giving you an accurate and dramatic visual representation of the LFO voltage level at any moment.

Important: A software bug has been identified in software version R2P05f.

When drilling with the electronic depth stop, the drill press will not stop on some situations.

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