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If you purchase any of the supported games, either on-disc or digitally, you are eligible for a deeply discounted price for the PS4 digital version of those titles.

Simply follow a few steps, and you’ll have access to both versions.

Hrmm OK might see if I can hunt around for the optional media update as well.

As far as unplugging the 360 I don't actually own one myself (ironically I have everything but a 360) so I'd have to get them to rip the cabling out of the false wall which they won't do.

I just did a little googling and it definitely looks like the optional media update doesn't come with the dash update.

The optional media update is here and is less than a MB.

EDIT: Also I noticed this only mentions that i can play mp4 files, was there an earlier update to allow avi files to work as those apparently also need a system update so I assume there might be two I need to get?

Will be nice to get this working I forgot how easy things are for me because it's all up to date the day the patches come out Now that you mention it you might be right.

They'd like to play some media they have through their 360 via an external hard drive.Yeah there is an optional media update that you need to download through the 360 to play certain videos.Some are suggesting the dash update, but I don't think that it actually comes on there. And I don't think you can actually bring just the hard drive for the optional media update as it is tied to the console (I think).Thankyou no idea why I couldn't find that link this morning!I'll try downloading and updating from a USB tonight if no luck I'll go and hire a new release. EDIT: I'm also surprised that his console hasn't received the update from some of the games he is playing, although I know all he plays is Fifa and not sure what version of the game he has.

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