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I like some musicians so much that I started collecting amateur recordings of live concerts to add to my CD collection.Many of these amateur produced recordings of live concerts are available on the Internet.I've found many recordings from a Soundboard or FM broadcast.There are very many audience source recordings, but few have audio quality that's acceptable to me.If you enjoy this music pass it on; you may give this music or URL to others but not sell it.I've been collecting these concerts for more than ten years. To convert flac files to mp3 or WAV (because some CD burning software won't recognize (FLAC) I use Switch.To get the show you must use software to un-archive it. 7-Zip is Open Source (free) and will unpack rar files. Win RAR is good for unpacking (and creating) archives and you can try it for free. Improbably playing Alice's Resautant has since become a Thanksgiving tradition for many boomers.

I make mp3 copies (@ 320 kbps) to play in the car and other non-quiet places. Hundreds of CDs of music filt on a 32 or 64 GB flash drive (or phone or i Pod) I've archived the files for each show into an RAR file - even though mp3 and FLAC files don't compress - in order to keep all the files together for easy downloads. I don't use Mac but a Mac user friend said un Rar X is simple, easy to use and free. FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Compression) files are CD quality audio. His best-known work is his debut piece, Alice's Restaurant Massacree, a rambling 18 minutes long talking blues song.In Paris, Smither says that he often spent time playing his guitar instead of attending classes.In 1970, he released his first of 15 albums albums." After trying a few different hosting services I bit the bullet and paid Network Solutions for web hosting with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. I fill in the mp3 tag information just because, so that i Pod (or any other mp3 player) can display the information. Other trackers I use are Lossless Legs and The Traders Den . A music legend based in Austin, TX, Alejandro Escovedo has been hailed as a poet, a storyteller, and one of the most important musicians of the last quarter-century. Alejandro is from a family that includes several professional musicians, including brothers (and percussionists) Coke Escovedo and Pete Escovedo, and Sheila E (Pete's daughter and Alejandro's niece).I now share over a terrabyte of music files and host over 100 GB of daily bandwidth. He blends rock, folk, blues, and classically influenced music into a boundary-defying style that has won him a devoted following all over the world. Another brother, Mario, fronted the hard rock band The Dragons, and yet another brother, Javier, was in the punk rock band The Zeros.

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